From an unwanted scratch to a complex rebuild, Artisan Conservation Services can solve your furniture restoration problems. Here are some of the skills and services I offer:

Fine Woodworking:


  • Marquetry, Inlays, Boullework
  • Shrinkage splits and fractures treated
  • Lost elements replaced
  • Carving
  • Turning
  • Mouldings remade and patched
  • Loose joints and unstable structures stabilized
  • Fractures rejoined
  • Replicas made
  • Worn drawer runners relined
  • Caning and rushing
  • Woodworm and insect infestation treated



  • Conserving and reviving old surfaces
  • Hand polishing
  • Treatment of water damage, staining, fire damage and other surface problems
  • Painted surfaces
  • Gilding
  • Leather inserts consolidated/patched
  • Wax finishing


IMG_0007 metalwork

  • Locks repaired, keys cut
  • Missing knobs, handles and other brass fittings replaced with replicas or reproduced from the originals
  • Brass inlays and stringing

Additional Services:

  • Periodical checks and maintenance of collections including waxing
  • Condition reports and full documentation of projects
  • Transportation of sensitive objects
  • Pre-purchase inspection and reports
  • Insurance reports and quotations

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If you require work to be carried out which is not listed I may be able to help so please contact me to discuss your needs.